Symposium Bioplastics
Science meets Industry


Key aspects

Synthese - Synthesis

Material specific properties depend on how bioplastics are produced. Findings in research and development lead to more economic and efficient ways of producing bioplastics, also boosting bioplastics industry.

Verarbeitung - Processing

The processing of bioplastics into products or polymer blends is a process subjected to a large number of influencing variables. Initial materials, weight percents, processing aids, additives, the design of processing machines and processing parameters create complex possibilities for producing a big range of diverse products.

Anwendung - Application

Material recycling of bioplastics theoretically is as possible as material recycling of conventional plastics. In practice, however, collection, separation and processing create completely new challenges having to be solved due to the special properties. Further approaches are chemical and thermal recycling being of equal interest.

Abbau - Degradation

The application-related selection of a bioplastic according to its degradation behaviour is one of our core competences. The degradation process is linked to a multitude of factors and conversion reactions. Understanding and influencing these is the key to targeted adjustment and process control.

Program Day 1


  1. FROM 12:00
    Arrival and registration
    Drinks and snacks

    Relaxed get-together

  2. 13:00 – 14:00
    Concept presentation

  3. 14:00 – 14:30
    Coffee break

  4. 14:30 – 16:00
    Presentation pitches
    14 pitches á 5 minutes

  5. 16:00 – 17:30
    Workshops, open technical centre
    Postersession, tour, demonstrations

  6. 17:30 – 19:00
    Pause & check-in

  7. FROM 19:00
    Evening event
    Science Slam


Program Day 2


  1. 08:30 – 09:00
    Welcome and announcement of the presentation order

  2. 09:00 – 10:00

  3. 10:00 – 10:30
    Coffee break

  4. 10:30 – 12:30
    Lecture sessions after vote

  5. 12:30 – 13:30
    Lunch break

  6. 13:30 – 14:30
    Workshops, open technical centre
    Postersession, tour, demonstrations

  7. 14:30 – 16:30
    Lecture sessions after vote

  8. 16:30 – 17:30

  9. FROM 17:30
    Kiss & Ride

The highlight with the votes & lectures

To determine the order of the 20 to 35 minutes long presentations followed by a 10-minute discussion, all speakers give a 2-minute pitch at the beginning of the session.

After each pitch, all participants record in a vote how broad the interest in the respective presentation is.

To avoid overlapping of presentations with large response, the order of contributions is determined by the results of voting.

The presentations with the most votes will receive more discussion time and a workshop moderated by ibp staff. All other lectures will be held as usual one after the other with chairwoman and short discussion in a morning and afternoon session.

Following the lectures and poster session, the best lecture and the best poster will be awarded. Each of the participants can cast its vote. The author of the lecture and the poster holder will each receive an award and a material prize.

Registration for the symposium 2021

Please choose whether you would like to register for the conference as a contributor or participant.

Registration deadline: Contributors 11.12.2020 & Participants 24.02.2021

Note: Participation in the hybrid event is possible in person on site or digitally via live stream. Due to current hygiene and safety measures, the number of participants on site is limited. If all seats on site are fully booked, participation is only possible via live stream.


Leisurely round for exchange between users and scientists

During the conference there will be scope for a casual informal exchange with experts from application and science

The coffee breaks, the longer lunch break and the open evening event are ideally suited for this purpose.

A special feature is the possibility to invite conference participants for personal talks via the conference website. Participants interested in lectures without the possibility of a presentation can contact the speakers this way.

Manufacturers' exhibition with focus on bioplastics

In order to show the latest state of machine development especially for the processing of bioplastics, manufacturers will present their innovations during the entire period of the conference.


Due to the public funding by the European Social Fund, the Upper Franconian Foundation and the Friends and Sponsors of the Hof University of Applied Sciences, the conference is free of charge.

The participation in the conference includes all talks and events from 03.03. to 04.03.2021. Catering during the conference and at the evening event is not eligible for funding, except for drinks during the daily program, and therefore not included.


The symposium "Bioplastics - Science Meets Industry" takes place as one part of the "BiopolyMEHR" funding project.

Currently, biopolymers and the intelligent use of sustainable and renewable raw materials are central topics in research and industry. The awareness for ecological action has increased strongly among consumers and users over the last 5-10 years. This increase in awareness requires new ecologically valuable and particularly ecologically sustainable products. Bioplastics processing industry has to be able to offer new solutions to consumers. That’s why necessary know-how has to be transferred to the following industrial sectors in the Upper Franconian project catchment area: (1) plastics industry, (2) textile industry and (3) test equipment industry

A big range of training contents/training methods will be developed in order to achieve the knowledge transfers’ aim. For this purpose, five network contributions, two symposia and one symposium concerning the topics listed below take place annually at Hof University of Applied Sciences:

Bioplastics (commercial, research)
Film, sheet and profile extrusion
Compounding with natural additives
Injection moulding
Recycling (material, biological)
Life cycle assessment, certifications

Generated impulses of this events can lead to research cooperations and product developments with biopolymers.

The "BiopolyMEHR" project is supported by three funding bodie

ESF - The European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) is one of the European Union's Structural Funds. Approximately 17 million euros are at disposal of the Bavarian Ministry of Science for networking activities and the transfer of knowledge from universities to companies in the eligibility period of 2014-2020. Labour market-related projects at local, regional and national level are supported. Concerning the university sector, the initiative focuses an increase in networking between industry and science.


The Oberfrankenstiftung (Upper Franconian Foundation) promotes science and research in the administrative district Upper Franconian. In 2002, the foundation's purpose was extended to the promotion of science with new regulations made in February 2017. Particular eligible for funding are profile-sharpening projects/institutes, projects of the Technology Alliance Upper Franconia (TAO) or cooperation projects of the Upper Franconian universities among themselves and other one-time measures. The Upper Franconian Foundation grants a fixed subsidy rate, which applies equally to personnel and material costs. It is determined flexibly according to the importance of the project. Entideld for application are the Upper Franconian universities or other groups/clusters who carry out scientific projects in Upper Franconia or with Upper Franconian reference.

Friends and promoters of Hof University

The “Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Hochschule Hof e.V.” (Association of Friends and Sponsors of Hof University of Applied Sciences) attended the task to promote the university as a local research and teaching institution by supporting its social and educational mission. The support concerns material and non-material research and teaching at the university, the development of self-sustaining research institutions, the promotion of knowledge transfer from the university to the economy (especially the increase of the willingness to cooperate in order to promote innovations in products and processes) or the development of competence-oriented practical solutions for the local economy. The association’s support especially covers the lack of funds or the increase of funds where needed. In order to achieve the already mentioned objectives at best, the members should actively participate in the activities of the association. All members should act as ambassadors of the university and the region. A broad network of supporters of Hof University of Applied Sciences - including companies and private individuals - creates a platform promising the most possible success.